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Sunsational Decks are custom deck experts that specialize in creating custom decks that fit your home, lifestyle and budget. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance vinyl or composite deck or prefer the natural beauty of cedar or an economical pressure treated deck, you can rely on your project being Satisfaction Certified. We are experts in the latest in deck materials and construction techniques and promise to take as much pride in our workmanship as you will enjoying the finished product.

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Is A Low Maintenance or Composite Deck Right For You?

Composite Low Maintenance Decking From The Deck Experts

Low maintenance decking materials commonly referred to as composite decking, are composed primarily of a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers.

While a deck built with these materials is clearly not “natural” and may not have the same look of a real-wood deck, you can choose from an array of colors and textures to mimic a more natural look. In addition, developments in this style of decking have, by many accounts, made the look-and-feel downright attractive.

As Deck Experts, these products are easy to build with and there is a low maintenance requirement for composite decks compared to traditional wood deckings: no sanding, refinishing, or staining, ever.

In addition, if not a lifetime guarantee, it usually comes with at least a 20-year guarantee.

Building Traditional Wooden Decks With The Deck Experts At Sunsational Decks

As Deck Experts, we love building traditional wood decks from cedar but there are of course many options for building with wood.

Builders grade decks are often constructed from spruce or pressure treated lumber which are widely available at lower price points which makes them economical choices.

Cedar & Redwood have a pleasing natural look and are resistant to rot and insects and imported hardwoods have become significant options for certain niche applications as well.


The Water Proof Deck Experts

Waterproof decks are built using vinyl membranes, Flexstone or Sleeper systems with traditional decking.

In any color, vinyl decks can literally be made to order. Another advantage is durability; vinyl decks are very durable.

Probably one of the biggest advantages of owning a waterproof deck, aside from bein waterproof, is the maintenance. Only spray it clean, and don’t worry about staining or refinishing.

Compared to wood decking, waterproof and vinyl decking has one simple disadvantage: it’s not made of wood. So it’s distinct in terms of look and feel.

What Makes Us Sunsational

We build using all major Leading Brands to ensure that we can help you select from the best materials available and we use best building practices to meet or exceed the current local Building Codes so you will have many years of deck enjoyment…


Over 20 years experience in the Deck industry. We have experience in manufacturing, design and installation of all types of decks and patios. The latest building materials and brands deliver a variety of features, textures, colours, and compositions with pricing and warranties based upon their overall quality and properties. We have the experience to help you through the selection process to choose the right materials for your budget and needs. Our building and design experience will help incorporate the intrinsic value of the material selected to your application.


We build using all major Leading Brands, such as Fiberon, Azek/Timbertech, Trex and many more to ensure that we can help you select from the best materials suitable for your specific application. In addition, we use best building practices to meet or exceed the current local Building Codes so you will have many years of deck enjoyment. Most low maintenance decking manufacturers today offer warranties of 25 years on their products to provide you long term enjoyment of your new deck.


Our experience allows us to offer you competitively priced decks. We may not always be the lowest price, but we strive to always offer you the best value. Our quoted price is your finished price. Should any changes be required, they will be written down and documented for you. No surprises!


Your home is our work site so our work area is kept clean and organized, just like you would expect. We treat you and your property with the greatest respect.


We strive to communicate with you daily to ensure your overall satisfaction in design and construction,throughout the process. Should you require changes through the process, we will work with you to achieve your overall satisfaction. Your referral of our work to your friends and family is equally as important to us as your overall satisfaction of our work.


Free estimates available so contact us for your free in home consultation. We will review your vision for your future deck use, discuss the availability of materials, and your design to meet your budget and lifestyle.  We will provide you with a written quotation and professional deck drawing so you have confidence that your finished project will meet your needs.


Sunsational Decks is committed to your overall satisfaction with the cost, the process and the finished product. Your finished deck and experience will be Sunsational, contact us today. We provide a 5 Star Satisfaction Certification to you.

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