What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking – Wood Polymer and Low Maintenance Alternatives to Wood

Wood-polymer composites have rapidly become the fastest-growing decking material for residential use in the past 20 years. Commonly referred to as composite decking, wood alternatives, or plastic decking. Low maintenance decking are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wood that blend current plastics technology with traditional and nontraditional materials.

Composite deck boards are made of an inner core and a bonded external capstock that make them strong, resistant to moisture, weathering, and fading. Capped composite and capped polymer boards, unlike wood, utilize higher-end materials, manufacturing processes and technology to provide superior deck performance. Today most manufacturers incorporate a high level of recycling throughout their processing.

Here Are A Few of Our Low Maintenance Deck Projects

Pool Deck – Kelowna Custom Build

Azek Vintage Weathered Teak Pool DeckElevated Outdoor Living - A Kelowna Pool Deck ProjectAre you envisioning a picturesque pool deck retreat, where relaxation meets sophistication, and every detail reflects your unique style? Look no further than Sunsational Decks,...

Kelowna Custom Deck

Kelowna Custom DeckThis Kelowna Custom Deck Is Like An Addition To The PoolWe created this Kelowna Custom Deck as a natural extension of the pool area. It delivers more space and several seating and lounging areas to choose from full sun, full shade or even just a...

AZEK Two Level Deck

AZEK Two Level DeckThis Two Level Deck Includes AZEK Products and is Packed With FeaturesThis AZEK two level deck is just about complete. We are waiting on the post covers and LED post caps prior to installing the AZEK Impressions railing. The deck features boards...

Pressure Treated With AZEK Decking & Fascia

Pressure Treated With AZEK Decking & FasciaStairs Built From Pressure Treated With AZEK Decking & FasciaThese clients needed a set of stairs to come off their second story deck so they would have access to the backyard for themselves and their dogs. We framed...

AZEK Slate Gray Sleeper Deck

AZEK Slate Gray Sleeper DeckWork in Progress: AZEK Slate Gray Sleeper DeckMade some progress today on this Azek Slate Gray Sleeper deck. We used the Flexstone base to seal over the existing membrane before our sleeper system went in. It is going to be trimmed out with...

Advantages of Composite Decking

Prevents Weathering, Warping, Splintering, or Fading
When exposed to the great outdoors, capped composite and capped polymer deck boards are less vulnerable to the erosion, bleaching, and overall degeneration that conventional wood undergoes. To keep colours dynamic, moisture out and structural integrity intact, manufacturers cover the internal deck board structure with a protective proprietary capstock.

Industry-Leading Warranties
Sunsational Decks believe in decks that can stand the test of time, which is why we lead the sector not only in beautiful composite decking products but also in dedication to their premium results. In reality, we have enormous confidence in the composite decking materials and we work with the worlds best manufacturers to deliver industry leading guarantees.

Low Maintenance & High-Value
At least every three years, traditional wood decks need to be maintained and replaced every 12 to 15 years, a labor-intensive (and costly) process. Sanding, pressure washing, staining, it really is never-ending processes. Wood just doesn’t compare to composite decking when it comes to durability. Although the initial cost of a composite deck may be higher than that of a wood deck, a composite deck can end up paying for itself in a matter of years once you factor in time and money saved in maintenance.

Aesthetic Variety That Doesn’t Sacrifice Performance
Based on the species of lumber used, traditional wood has different hardness rankings and responds differently to its environment. That means you may have to sacrifice the look that you want to account for the material’s softness and/or variability. Today’s low maintenance decking products offer variety of colour and aesthetics that goes beyond simply choosing a stain colour. 

Sustainable Decking
Today most manufacturers are incorporating greater levels of material recycling in their processing to reduce waste.

Other Benefits of Composite Decking

What Makes Us Sunsational

We build using all major Leading Brands to ensure that we can help you select from the best materials available and we use best building practices to meet or exceed the current local Building Codes so you will have many years of deck enjoyment…


Over 20 years experience in the Deck industry. We have experience in manufacturing, design and installation of all types of decks and patios. The latest building materials and brands deliver a variety of features, textures, colours, and compositions with pricing and warranties based upon their overall quality and properties. We have the experience to help you through the selection process to choose the right materials for your budget and needs. Our building and design experience will help incorporate the intrinsic value of the material selected to your application.


We build using all major Leading Brands, such as Fiberon, Azek/Timbertech, Trex and many more to ensure that we can help you select from the best materials suitable for your specific application. In addition, we use best building practices to meet or exceed the current local Building Codes so you will have many years of deck enjoyment. Most low maintenance decking manufacturers today offer warranties of 25 years or more on their products to provide you long term enjoyment of your new deck.


Our experience allows us to offer you competitively priced decks. We may not always be the lowest price, but we strive to always offer you the best value. Our quoted price is your finished price. Should any changes be required, they will be written down and documented for you. No surprises!


Your home is our work site so our work area is kept clean and organized, just like you would expect. We treat you and your property with the greatest respect.


We strive to communicate with you daily to ensure your overall satisfaction in design and construction,throughout the process. Should you require changes through the process, we will work with you to achieve your overall satisfaction. Your referral of our work to your friends and family is equally as important to us as your overall satisfaction of our work.


Free estimates available so contact us for your free in home consultation. We will review your vision for your future deck use, discuss the availability of materials, and your design to meet your budget and lifestyle.  We will provide you with a written quotation and professional deck drawing so you have confidence that your finished project will meet your needs.


Sunsational Decks is committed to your overall satisfaction with the cost, the process and the finished product. Your finished deck and experience will be Sunsational, contact us today. We provide a 5 Star Satisfaction Certification to you.

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